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Why AI Courses* Are the Best Product to Sell in 2024

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Would you like to know how I made $34,187.83 (so far) on the side while running an agency and consulting business?

That’s what I just accomplished.

And the truth is, it is much easier than anything else I’ve done.

There’s no better product to create and sell online…

…than instructional or how-to AI online courses.

Why are AI courses the perfect product to sell on the Internet?

High profit margin.
No shipping or inventory costs.
Quick and easy to create.
Higher perceived value compared to other information.
Once created, sold multiple times.

AI courses will help you:

Create a scalable income source.
Break free from the time-for-money trap.
Scale your impact without adding more hours.
Build a lasting legacy.
Monetize your audience or email list.
Productize your service.
Reach a global audience and serve more clients.
Transform your expertise into a sellable product.

Hi, my name is Niko Velikov. 

I'm the author of AI Courses.

I live in Bulgaria. 

10 years ago, I barely spoke English. 

Thanks to AI, I created my AI Course in less than a few months.

And this AI Course has generated $34,187.83 in sales (so far).

I mean, if I can do it, what's your excuse, right? 😉

My total investment in producing it?

Well, less than $200.

Can You Make Courses With AI That Are Actually* Good?

I'll show you two ways to create your AI course.

The first way is only using AI. 

AI can create the entire course instead of you! 

You'll be able to create an online course really quickly. 

But if you rely only on AI to do all the work, your online course might feel robotic.

The second way is the one I prefer and use. 

You can "hire" AI as an assistant.

Let me explain.

When I created my online courses, 5-Minute AI Ads and The Targeting Academy, I used AI in specific areas... which significantly shortened my creation time and allowed me to inject my courses with a lot of personality!

That's why I'll show you how to use AI as an assistant, not as a replacement for yourself. 

"Two heads are better than one."

This way, you'll be able to create high-quality AI courses that people love and inspire them to learn and grow.

Why I Wrote This Book?

My main area of expertise is helping course businesses get clients with YouTube and Facebook ads.

In the last 8 years, I have worked with many online course businesses, helping them generate sales for their courses.

One thing I hate about this business is that sometimes I have to wait more than 10 months for my clients to create the course I'm supposed to market and sell.

And I'm not very patient 😉

When ChatGPT was released, I decided to create an online course myself.

The whole process took two months. 

And it was surprisingly easy!

This is why I wanted to share exactly how I did in my ebook.

So, my eBook covers everything you need to get started.

I'll share the secrets to building an AI course - from the AI tools I use to the "ethical considerations." 

Plus, I'll share the mindset shift I needed to finally launch my own course (after years of a killer idea sitting on the shelf!). 

You'll find it all in my book.

It's your turn!

Now, I want to show you why you need to create your first or next online course with AI–in my new ebook "AI Courses."

My ebook normally sells for $19, and later this year, "AI Courses" might also sell for $19.

However, to make you a no-brainer offer and help you get started in the AI Course Business, I'm offering "AI Courses" for only $4.99 today. 

You save $14 off the regular price!

To download my book on a risk-free 14-day trial basis… just click the button below and complete your checkout. 

Once you complete your purchase, I'll send you my book via email immediately. 

PS: If you face trouble with your purchase, feel free to reach out to 

I usually reply within 24 hours. 

Here's What You Get:

AI Courses is an ebook that will help you create your first or next online course using AI.

In "AI Courses," I share everything I've learned about using AI to make online courses. 

When I first started integrating AI into my course creation approach, I was amazed at how it transformed the process—making it faster, more affordable, and a whole lot smoother.

In this short 90-page ebook, I walk you through each step, showing how AI can take over the heavy lifting.

I've poured all my best tips into these pages to help you, whether you're building your very first course or you're an experienced course creator looking to innovate.

It's not just about cutting down on time or saving money—it's about enhancing your courses in ways you might not have thought possible.

So, let's dive in together and explore how AI can give your online courses a major upgrade!

Here's What You're Going to Learn in This 90-Page Book:

Chapter 1: Why AI Courses are the future and why you need to create yours as soon as possible. 

Chapter 2: How AI disrupts online learning education and how this affects any coaching, consulting, or agency business. 

Chapter 3: Why creating and selling AI Courses is the best thing you can do for your business! (If you're sick and tired of trading your time for money.)

Chapter 4: How to overcome the fear of creating your first or next course, including common misconceptions about AI course creation.

Chapter 5: The tools you need to create your online course: software, hardware, design, writing, and hosting tools and their AI versions without breaking the bank.

Chapter 6: My four-step process for building an online course that students will love and keep coming back for more.

Chapter 7: Everything you need to get to know before you create a course, including evaluating your expertise, choosing a profitable niche, developing your course concept, and drafting a click-worthy course name, all using AI.

Chapter 8: Creating the course, from drafting the outline to the script and recording with or without a camera.

Chapter 9:
What to do after creating the course, including setting the price, some of the best pre-launch strategies, and reaching a wider audience.

Chapter 10: Analyzing the ethical side of using AI for course creation, why it is a great idea, and why it may not be. And how to use all this to your advantage. 

All you are paying for all of these is $4.99!

just $4.99!

WAS $19



This book is quite new, having been launched in June 2024. 

As such, not that many people have read it just yet. 

But stay tuned as I begin to gather feedback from early readers.

I can't wait to hear about your own success story as well! 

Once you read the book, please feel free to share your success story with me at 

Your journey could inspire many others!

Skipping to the end?

Just to recap what I have for you, if you're one of those people who skip to the very bottom of each "sales page." 🙂

I'm giving you a 90-page ebook that outlines the exact approach to creating a course from scratch: FASTER, CHEAPER, and EASIER using AI.

That’s right — all of this invaluable knowledge is available to you for the cost of a premium coffee. 

Yes, you can download the book for only $4.99. 

If you don’t find the book valuable, I insist you ask for your $4.99 back.

You can download the book here.

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