Brand New Online Course Reveals...

How To Get AI To Create Ads Instead Of You

No tech skills needed! 

5-Minute AI Ads is my step-by-step online course designed to transform advertising with the power of AI. 

This online course will help you unlock AI's creative potential so you can craft ads for Instagram & Facebook that grab attention and drive conversions!

In this course, I'll walk you through a structured, easy-to-follow process designed to make AI your creative partner.

In 5-Minutes AI Ads, I'll show you how to use AI to write persuasive copy, design scroll-stopping ad images, and even make video ads with a single click.

And yes, the whole ad creation process takes 5 minutes or less...

Hi, I'm Niko 🙂
Nice to meet you.

I created 5-Minute AI Ads.

I hate it when people brag too much in this section of their page.

Yes, in the last 9 years, I've helped many clients achieve exceptional results.

Yes, I'm all about results-oriented advertising.

But I don't like saying when people say, "My ads generated $$$" it's not cool. 

Although I did this exact thing on some of my pages...

For example, I recently helped a client achieve an over 500% sales increase, which allowed him to purchase his dream home.

 (That's a much better way to "brag.")

And home prices in the last 3 years hit the moon 😉

Anyway, if you run ads...

You know the struggle...

Why Creating Ads Feels Like Fighting A Never-Ending Battle...

Creating ads that drive conversions feels like a never-ending battle.

You spend hours inside Google Docs until your eyes hurt.
You meticulously refine the ad copy, ensuring it's clear, concise, and punchy.
You pray that your copy will get approved.
After that, you invest time and resources into creating high-quality visuals that grab attention and complement the copy.
But then, the worst happens.
After just a week, your ad performance plummets.
Click-through rates drop, and conversions stop coming.

All that effort seemingly goes to waste, leaving you frustrated and unsure how to proceed.

Why You Need a Better Way to Create ads...

On top of that, building an ad campaign often requires collaboration with multiple specialists.

You might work with a copywriter to write the ad copy, a designer to create visuals, and potentially a video marketing expert for more complex video ads.

Coordinating schedules, providing feedback, and waiting for revisions can take weeks, delaying your launch and wasting valuable time.

You spent your time on Slack and Zoom having pointless conversations that lead nowhere.
Even with a talented team, creating ads is challenging.
Because, in many cases, these experts don't know what actually works.
It's a constant "guessing game," leaving you feeling disoriented and frustrated.

Creating ads can often feel like throwing darts in the dark—you invest your time and money, but it's difficult to see if you're hitting the target until you spend money on this ad.

How One Ad Can End Your Marketing Struggles For Good...

On the other hand, you know the power of one great ad.

You know that one great ad can completely transform your business.

You've seen many times how just one great ad changes everything...

I've also seen time and time again how just one great ad (I call these ads "golden-ticket ads") can completely change your business for good.

I chased the golden ticket ad myself almost every time I created ads.

Because the golden-ticket ad is what actually makes you money...

...I went the extra mile to create my next golden-ticket ad.

I hired high-priced copywriters who charged over $1,000 per ad and designers who promised sky-high click-through rates.

Let me tell you, after spending over $30,000 on supposedly 'expert' ad creation, I was incredibly frustrated.

Most of the ads were just mediocre, failing to deliver the results I craved.

What Makes Creating Converting Ads So Difficult?

And if you're like me, you probably experience the following challenges when it comes to creating ads:

The Time-Consuming Processes

Crafting an ad that resonates takes hours, if not days. From brainstorming sessions to drafting and design, the clock ticks away, consuming resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

Need for Expertise

Creating ads is complex and ever-changing taks. Keeping up requires more than just a generalist's understanding but deep, specialized knowledge in copywriting, graphic design, and marketing strategy.

High Costs

Hiring a team of specialists isn't cheap. Copywriters, designers, and videographers charge premium rates for their services. For many businesses, especially small ones, these costs are prohibitive.

Inconsistent Quality

Even with the best talent, success's not guaranteed. Ads that seemed promising initially can fail to engage the audience, leading to disappointing click-through and conversion rates.

Why 98% of Ads Don't work

I'll be honest.

98% of the ads I created without AI failed.

And that's true for most of the great marketers I know.

I spent hours crafting ads with disappointing results.

When ChatGPT was announced, I started experimenting because I knew that AI is the future.

I started implementing different prompts and found rare AI tools unfamiliar to most marketers.

I also invented some techniques that are completely different from anything I've seen in the AI courses and YouTube videos.

Because of that, I witnessed a significant transformation in my ads. 

They began converting much better.

My approach to creating ads was dramatically different from everybody else's. And I think that's the reason it works so well.

Now, I'll share my "5-Minute AI Ad creation process" with you. 

And I'll also compare it to the old "traditional way" of creating ads...

Here's Why This New Way of Creating Ads Is Way Better...

Now, let's compare two different ways of making ads. 

On the one hand, you have the old-school (traditional ad creation)method; the designer makes the ad creative, the writer writes the copy, and the filming crew shoots the ad. 

It takes a lot of money, a lot of time, and a lot of people working on the ads. 

The creativity can be limited because you have to stick to what's been planned, and in the end, it helps sell the product, but maybe not as much as you'd want, considering the effort put in.

Let's look at the other side, where you use super-smart computer programs—artificial intelligence, or AI—to make ads in just 5 minutes. 

It's like playing a video game where you tell the AI what you want, and it creates it almost instantly.

It's super cheap because the computer does the heavy lifting. 

You don't have to wait for days or weeks to finish it, just a few minutes. 

Plus, you can get really wild with ideas because the AI can create almost anything you dream up. 

And it turns out this quick and creative method is pretty good at getting people to buy what you're advertising.

I Found a New Way to Create Ads with AI That Convert...

With this process:

I generate an unlimited amount of ads quickly.
I generate ads that are compliant with Facebook & Instagram policy.
I can do the jobs of a copywriter, designer, and video editor all by myself—all within 5 minutes.
My ads convert better because I have endless variations to test. And I create exactly what I know works.
Creating ads is simple. If you can copy and paste text, you'll be able to do it too!

I share exact process step-by-step in my online course, 5-Minute AI Ads, so you can do it too!

Here's How 5-Minute AI Ads work

Creating ads the 5-Minute AI Ads way is super simple. If you can use social media and even if you don't have any technical skills, I'll teach you how to create ads with AI, and the process is very straightforward...

Imagine hiring a whole team of people - writer, designer, video editor, and even a project manager - to make an ad. 

That costs a lot of money, like paying each person per hour!

With 5-Minute AI Ads, it's like having a superstar player on your team. You get everything done for just $19! 

It's way faster and cheaper than the old way.

Here's What Possible Once You Unlock 5-Minute AI Ads

5-Minute AI Ads

Create high-converting Instagram & Facebook ads in 5 minutes with AI.

This step-by-step online course unlocks AI's creative power for writing copy, designing images, and making video ads.

5 Minute AI Ads includes 5 modules. You can think of each module as a step you need to take, taking 5 simple steps... And your ad is ready!

Here's what you'll discover in each module!

Module 1

How to Prepare Yourself for the AI World

We'll examine the foundations of great ads. Many people overcomplicate creating ads, adding unnecessary features like a house built with golden doorknobs before the walls are even up. I will also teach you how to collect strong ideas for your ads. We'll go on a treasure hunt for inspiration, so you will have many great ideas whenever you need to make an ad.

In this lesson, you'll also discover:

The #1 Task I Do Daily to Scale Facebook Ads to $40,000 per Day. (at 2.5 ROI).
The Simple Step I Take When My Facebook & Instagram Ads Stop Working? The Solution Lies in this Forgotten 100-year-Old Advertising Secret.
What is the Baker's Paradox, and Why Does it Relate to Your Ad Success So Much?
The Tale of Two Marketers: One Spends $100,000 on Ads and Makes $150,000, the Other Spends $100,000 But Makes $400,000? What's the Difference?
The #1 FREE Asset You Should Acquire Before Creating Any Ads! This Asset Will Give You Endless Ideas for Converting Ads.
What are the Best 2 Tools to Gather Inspiration for Your Next Campaign? Hint: They're FREE.
Why Have Your Clients Already "Written" the Best Converting Ads Instead of You? And How To Access Them for FREE?
Why Most People Can't Make Their Ads Work? The Answer Is Much Simpler Than You Think.

Module 2

How To Make AI Sound and Feel "Like A Real Human"

Most people create ads that sound way too robotic and lack a human touch when using AI prompts. In the lesson, I'll show you the one thing you must do to trick AI into creating ads that feel so authentic and emotional that they make people take action.

In this module, you'll also discover:

The #1 Thing You Must Aim For When Creating Your Ads. This Thing Will Persuade People to Buy Your Products and Services.
How Many Choices Should You Offer Your Clients? Is More Better?
What's THE #1 THING All Successful Funnels I've Worked On Have in Common? It Actually Has a Lot to Do With Human Psychology.
Why the Greatest Marketers NEVER Write Copy...
Why Do ChatGPT and All AI Writing Tools Always Spit Out Ads That Sound Robotic and Boring?
How to Trick AI into Creating Ads That Sound and Feel as if Real Humans Created Them.
How to Feed AI Human Emotion So Your Ideal Client Can't Resist But Buy?
The 42 ANSWERS You Must Feed AI So You Can Get Completely Different Results From ANYONE Who Uses AI to Create Ads.

Module 3

How To Craft High-Converting Ad Copy With AI

Can you really produce ad copy as if it was written by elite-level copywriting using AI? The answer is yes, and the process is actually quite simple. I'll be honest: Human copywriters can be brilliant, but they are exposed to fatigue. (In most cases, they are expensive and hard to find.) AI, on the other hand, functions like a well-oiled machine, tirelessly producing high-quality ad copy without the limitations of human error.

In this lesson, you'll also discover:

What is Contrarian Marketing and the #1 Soluiton to Get Conversions In an Overcrowded Market? And Why You Should Be Extremely Careful When You Employ It!
How to Enhance Your Ad Copy with 33 Distinct Voices/Tones Using AI Prompts?
How to Craft Ads That Sound and Read As If 33 of the Most Famous Authors, Thinkers, and Philosophers Have Written Them! (Yes, I'll show you how to create ads that sound as if William Shakespeare or Mark Twain wrote them.)
The #1 Prompt You NEED to Brainstorm Endless Headline Ideas for Your Products and Services.
The ONE Prompt You Need to Use So You Can Recreate Ads That Are Working Right Now. The Whole Process Takes 30 Seconds.
How To Turn AI into Your Marketing Consultant. AI Can Help You Analyze Ads & Share Improvement Tips!

Module 4

How To Create Ad Images With AI

I'll teach you how to create ideas for ads (or ad images) that stand out and achieve the goals of your ads. With this technique, you can generate endless ideas for ad creative that get results. In this lesson, I'll also show you how to make these ideas come to life using AI.

In this module, you'll also discover:

The 2 BEST FREE AI Tools To Turn Your Ad Copy into Ad Creative (Ad Image).
How To Come Up With Ad Creative Ideas That Grab Attention Even If Your Products or Services Sound "Boring."
We'll Compare 4 AI Image Generation Tools; You'll Be The Judge Of Which One Produces The Best Results.
Should You Hire A Designer or Use The Ad Images Generated By AI?
How To Reverse Create Some Of The Most Successful Ad Creatives Using AI Just By One Simple Prompt.
What is The #1 FREE Tool That Comes With AI Features That Will Allow You To Create Ad Images Even If You're Not Tech-Savvy?
What Do You Do If You Feel Stuck and Need Help Coming Up With Creative Ideas?
What To Do If The Ad Images Produced By AI Don't Look Good And How To Humanize Your Ad Design For $5.

Module 5

How To Make Video Ads With AI

In this lesson, I'll show how to turn your ad copy into engaging videos. First, I'll show you how to use AI-created people who can make videos instead of you. These AI-created people seamlessly replicate the look and feel of human-made videos. It's like hiring an actor or content creator to tirelessly create videos for your brand. Then, I'll also show you how to create your own virtual twin. Yes, a virtual copy of you that looks and sounds exactly like you! Creating your digital twin will allow you to create videos of yourself without going on camera.

In this lesson, you'll also discover:

How To Turn Ad Copy To Voice To Video, and What is the Best AI Tool to Clone Your Voice?
The Best Tool to Turn Your Ad Copy into Videos with a Single Click.
The BEST FREE Video Editing Software That Will ALLOW You To Create Highly Engaging Video Ads. (It Will Also ALLOW You to Auto-Generate Captions & Subtitles for Free)
How to Use This Free Video Editing Software to Create Ads That Convert. The Whole Process Takes Less Than 5-10 Minutes.
The Best WEBSITE to Download FREE Footage You Can Use in Your Video Ads.
How to Turn a Boring Video Ad into a Video That Keeps People Hooked and Engaged?
Why People Won't Watch Your Video Ads? (And What To Do About It.)
What is The BEST tool for Cloning Yourself And Creating Your Virtual Twin? Honestly, The Best Tool is Not Free.

But, also when you join today, you'll get the following:

Humanize The Machine Worksheet

Do your AI-generated ads sound and feel robotic, lacking any emotional connection? 

Humanize the Machine is the Solution. This interactive worksheet is your secret weapon to infuse your AI ads with emotion and personalization. 

This worksheet will help you craft messages that deeply resonate with your audience and drive your desired conversions. 

Once you implement the Humanize The Machine Worksheet, you can create endless unique ads with AI tailored to your business. 

Yes, when you implement this worksheet, NOBODY else will be able to create ads similar to yours.

Value: $99

This is included with your purchase FREE - TODAY ONLY!

Bonus 1

The REBEL Framework

Are you tired of your ads that get lost in the noise and fail to drive conversion? 

Traditional advertising approaches often fail to grab attention in today's content-saturated world. 

When nothing seems to work, you need a completely different approach. 

That's why I created The REBEL Framework. The REBEL Framework is a contrarian marketing strategy that cuts through marketing noise. 

This contrarian marketing strategy goes beyond simply offering another solution. 

It challenges the status quo, sparking intrigue and positioning your brand as the only reasonable solution. 

You can trigger The REBEL Framework with a single ChatGPT prompt. The whole process takes less than 30 seconds.

Value: $99

This is included with your purchase FREE - TODAY ONLY!

Bonus 2

7 Facebook Ads Fill-In-The Blank Copywriting Frameworks

Are you struggling to write persuasive ads? 

This innovative yet simple worksheet puts the power of proven copywriting frameworks right in your hands. 

You get access to 7 battle-tested copywriting frameworks specifically designed to dominate on Instagram and Facebook. 

Each formula comes with a built-in prompt. 

Once you trigger the prompt, you get endless variations of persuasive ad copy. 

With these 7 copywriting frameworks, you can craft ad copy that rivals (and even beats) what top-notch copywriters produce.

Value: $69

This is included with your purchase FREE - TODAY ONLY!

Bonus 3

66 Distinct Voices & Personalities

This rare list consists of 66 prompts that transform your ads into distinct voices and personalities. 

Imagine crafting ads that feel like a friendly conversation with a neighbor, brimming with warmth, emotion, and connection. This list goes beyond mere styles. 

This list also reshapes your Facebook & Instagram ads into 33 distinct personalities of authors, thinkers, and philosophers.

 You can draw ads from a range of historical figures known for their exceptional style, tone, and voice. 

Here's how it works. 

Choose the voice or personality that aligns best with your brand. 

Paste the prompt, and witness the magic as the tool tailors your message to the chosen style.

Value: $69

This is included with your purchase FREE - TODAY ONLY!

Bonus 4

33 Video Ad Ideas

Struggling to brainstorm video ad ideas? 

This downloadable resource equips you with 33 unique concepts for video ads to grab your audience's attention and keep them engaged. 

You can easily transform these ideas into captivating ads!

Run them on Facebook, Instagram, or even YouTube – after all, according to WebFX statistics, a third of all online activity involves watching videos. 

Don't underestimate the power of video ads. 

This list offers 33 starting points to launch your video marketing journey.

Value: $29

This is included with your purchase FREE - TODAY ONLY!

Bonus 5

66 Creative Ideas

The attention span is shrinking faster than ever. 

Getting people's attention gets more challenging. 

Well, this is the solution. 

This list is your creative cheat sheet to craft Facebook and Instagram ad images that capture attention and cause people to stop scrolling. 

Why creative matters? 

I read something online that claimed that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. 

I'm not sure if this is the exact number, but for sure, "one picture is worth 1,000 words."

Value: $69

This is included with your purchase FREE - TODAY ONLY!

Bonus 6

Lifetime Access

Enrolling in the "5-Minute AI Ads" course gives you lifetime access to the entire program. 

This means you can learn how to create impactful AI-driven ads on any device at any time that suits you. 

Whether you prefer to dive into the lessons on your laptop at home or review modules on your phone while on the go, the course is available at your fingertips. 

With the flexibility to learn at your own pace, you can revisit the material as often as needed, ensuring you stay at the cutting edge of AI advertising techniques.

Value: $69

This is included with your purchase FREE - TODAY ONLY!

Bonus 7

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I'm not just offering a course. 

I'm promising a revolution in the way you create ads. 

My mission is to empower you to craft that one "Golden-Ticket" ad — an ad so powerful it has the potential to transform your business forever. 

I'm so confident in the transformative power of our course that I offer you a solid, no-questions-asked, 14-day money-back guarantee.

Value: $69

This is included with your purchase FREE - TODAY ONLY!

Bonus 8

Here's Why You Need to Outsource Your Entire Ad Creation Process to 5-Minute AI Ads

Save Money
Skip hiring a team of designers, writers, and video editors! AI can handle a lot of that work, saving you cash you can put towards other things.
Grow as You Go
AI tools can handle tons of ads at once, so you can easily make more ads without needing more people. It's like having a super-powered ad machine on your side! You can get awesome results with the tools that are completely free!
Consistent Style 
No more ads that look and feel all different! AI can remember your brand's colors, fonts, and voice to make all your ads look polished and professional.
Sound Like a Real Person
No one wants to read or hear an ad that sounds like it came from a robot! AI can help you ditch the stiff, robotic language and craft messages that feel natural, emotional, and friendly like you're just chatting with a friend. This way, people will actually connect with your ad and remember it!
Get Creative (without the Brainstorming Headache)
AI can help you come up with new ideas for your ads, like different layouts, messages, or even videos. It's like having a creative assistant who throws out cool ideas but never gets tired.
Test and Improve Quickly
AI can create different versions of your ads and analyze ads of your competitors to determine which ones work best. It's like having a marketing genius who figures out what works best.
Target the Perfect Audience
Imagine showing your ads to exactly the people who would love your product! AI can analyze customer information to ensure your ads are crafted for your ideal clients.

The 6 Most Common Misconceptions About 5-Minute AI Ads

5-Minute AI Ads takes the hard work out of creating ads so you can focus on making your business awesome, but before going further, I want to clear up some doubts you might have. Having these doubts is normal; I've been there myself.

Let's tackle some common misconceptions together:

Misconception 1: "I Fear I'm Just Not Tech-Savvy Enough for AI"The

Let me reassure you, when I designed the 5-Minute AI Ads course, I did it with the understanding that not everyone is a tech wizard.

The course breaks down the AI ad creation process into simple, manageable steps.

Honestly, if you can use a search engine or send an email, you have all the tech skills you need to excel with AI in advertising.
Misconception 2:"I Worry AI Won't Be Able to Reflect My Brand's Unique Voice"

This was a concern of mine too, at first. However, I've learned that with the right guidance, AI can effectively capture and even enhance your brand's voice.

Through my course, particularly with tools like the "Humanize The Machine" worksheet, I'll show you how to ensure your AI-generated ads sound just like you, if not better.
Misconception 3: "I've Tried It All, What Makes This Different?"

I get it, the digital marketing world is full of "revolutionary" tools and tactics that promise the moon and deliver stones.

What sets 5-Minute AI Ads apart is its foundation on actionable, proven strategies that leverage the latest in AI technology tailored to real-world advertising needs.

This isn't about what worked yesterday; it's about what's going to work tomorrow. Because we all know AI is the future.
Misconception 4: "Won't AI-Generated Ads Just Blend In?"

On the contrary, the AI we have now is capable of creativity that can sometimes surpass human ingenuity, thanks to its ability to analyze and learn from an extensive array of data.

Coupled with your unique insights, the ads you create will not only stand out but also resonate more deeply with your target audience.

Testing countless variations quickly helps us find what truly captures attention.
Misconception 5: "This Sounds Like a Costly Investment"

What I've realized, looking at the broader picture, the real cost lies in not adopting AI.

The traditional ad creation route is fraught with expenses – from hiring creative professionals to the time and resources wasted on ineffective strategies.

Investing in 5-Minute AI Ads means investing in efficiency, innovation, and the future of your marketing efforts. And with the money-back guarantee, it's risk-free.
Misconception 6: "Can AI Really Understand My Audience?"

Absolutely, and here's why: AI doesn't make wild guesses.

It uses data—lots of it—including the detailed insights you provide about your audience.

This allows it to generate ads that not only reach your audience but speak to them on a personal level.

It's about teaching AI the language of your customers, and I'll show you exactly how to do that.

Here's EVERYTHING you get when you join today:

5-Minute AI Ads - ($499 Value)
Lifetime Access(Priceless)
14-Day Money Back Guarantee - (Priceless)
Community Access - ($199 Value)

limited-time offer bonuses

BONUS 1 Humanize The Machine Worksheet ($99 Value)
BONUS 2 The REBEL Framework ($99 Value)
BONUS 3 7 Fill-In-The Blank Copywriting Frameworks ($69 Value)
BONUS 4 66 Distinct Voices & Personalities ($69 Value)
BONUS 5 33 Video Ad Ideas ($29 Value)
BONUS 6 66 Creative Ideas ($69 Value)

Total Value: $1,132

Regular price $197

Join Today For Only $19

You'll LOVE 5-Minute AI Ads If You're:

Media Buyer
Agency Owner
Course Creator
Content Creator
Service Providers


Q: Who is the 5-Minute AI Ads course for?
A: Whether you're a marketer, media buyer, agency owner, course creator, content creator, service provider, coach, consultant, influencer, or YouTuber, this course is designed for you. If you're looking to leverage AI to create effective, high-converting ads in minutes, 5-Minute AI Ads is your go-to resource.

Q: I'm not tech-savvy. Can I still use the 5-Minute AI Ads method?
A: Absolutely! The 5-Minute AI Ads course is structured with the assumption that not everyone is a tech wizard. It breaks down the ad creation process into simple, manageable steps. If you can use a search engine or send an email, you're more than equipped to excel with AI in advertising.

Q: Will AI-generated ads reflect my brand's unique voice?
A: Yes, they will. With the right guidance, AI can capture and even enhance your brand's voice. The course includes tools like the "Humanize The Machine" worksheet, which will show you how to ensure your AI-generated ads sound just like you, if not better.

Q: How long does it take to see results from implementing the 5-Minute AI Ads strategies?
A: While individual results may vary, the course is designed to show you how to create ads quickly and efficiently using AI. With these strategies, you can start creating and testing ads immediately. Many users see noticeable improvements in their ad performance within weeks of applying the course's techniques.

Q: What makes 5-Minute AI Ads different from other ad creation methods?
A: 5-Minute AI Ads is based on actionable, proven strategies that leverage the latest in AI technology tailored to real-world advertising needs. It focuses on what's going to work tomorrow, not just what worked yesterday, making it a forward-thinking solution in the fast-evolving digital advertising landscape.

Q: Is there a guarantee or refund policy?
A: Yes, there's a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you dive into the course, apply the techniques, and don't feel closer to creating your breakthrough "Golden-Ticket" ad, you can request a straightforward, prompt refund within 14 days of purchase. Your investment is entirely risk-free.

Q: Can AI really understand and target my audience effectively?
A: Absolutely. AI uses detailed insights you provide about your audience, enabling it to generate ads that not only reach but also resonate with them on a personal level. The course will show you how to teach AI the language of your customers for more personalized and effective advertising.

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