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"What's in it for you here?"

You're visiting my website, and your first question is, "What's in it for me here?"

I can help you get more sales, generate more leads and book more calls for your information business. 

I'm your guy if you're selling online courses, coaching programs, masterminds, or services.

But wait, you don't know me yet...

Hi, my Name is Niko Velikov...

I live in a small county in Europe - Bulgaria. 

You have probably heard of Bulgarian weightlifting, Bulgarian wrestling, and Bulgarian yogurt already. 

Yeah, I know when you see Bulgarian in the name of something... it sounds dangerous and extreme. 

If you ever did Bulgarian squats in the gym, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Well, I'm not dangerous, but when it comes to marketing -- I'm pretty extreme. 

I'll do whatever it takes to get my clients the best results possible.

And I do it simply because I don't have other options.

Why Getting Good At Marketing Was The Only Way Out

Let me explain. 

I was forced to learn marketing because that was my only way out of poverty. 

The average salary in Bulgaria is around $500 per month. 

Yes, that's per month. 

Marketing was one of the few activities that allowed me to make money the legal way here.

But I didn't start in marketing just for the money. I did it because, since a kid, one of my favorite things was watching TV commercials. 

I've been fascinated by the art of persuasion since a kid, and influencing others was something I'm naturally good at.

When I started my marketing career, I only had a pen, a piece of paper, and a $400 laptop. 

In Bulgaria, we do not have big-shot mentors or business gurus.

Now you might ask how I chose marketing as my career path.

In 2013, after I broke up with my high-school girlfriend, I started watching Elliot Hulse on YouTube. 

In one of his videos, he said he listens to audiobooks whenever he goes to the gym. 

Remember, that's 2013. The idea of listening to audiobooks in the gym was revolutionary.

Either My Marketing Campaigns Bring Outstanding Results, Or I'm Back To Washing Dishes...

I decided to do the same, I started listening to audiobooks in the gym, and the books that were the most interesting to me were the business and marketing books.

One book led to another, and in three-four years, I've completed more than 100 books. 

The funny thing is that I was in a law school during that time. 

Would you believe that?

When the time came to get a marketing job, I knew more than the actual marketing managers in the companies I was applying for.

I had to learn marketing on my own. 

As I said, I'm pretty extreme about my marketing performance because if my marketing campaigns don't perform. 

I go back to washing dishes or bussing tables.

From Washing Dished To Generating $30M+ In Sales For My Clients

This mindset served me well because I managed to land a few very cool marketing jobs, then I decided to transition to freelancing, and my little freelancing gig turned into an agency.

My whole life and standard of living depend on my marketing performance. 

That's why I take it very seriously. 

That's why, 8 years later, after I started marketing, my campaigns generated over $30M in client sales.

Yep, I started from the bottom, and today I work with the most famous YouTubers, entrepreneurs, and internet celebrities.

It was quite a journey. 

I traveled the world thanks to my ability to run profitable marketing campaigns.

I'm Not Just A Marketing Nerd...

Besides marketing, I also like rap music -- some of my favorite artists are Rick Ross, Drake, Larry June, and Young Dolph. 

I am a reader. 

I read about business, marketing, and personal growth, but I like authors such as Haruki Murakami, John Grisham, and Charles Bukowski.

If I'm not working, I like watching TV series. I'm a big fan of Narcos, The Sopranos, and Better Call Saul, haha! Those are one of the best crime series ever made.

Now, let's get back to you. I told you I can help you get more sales and leads and book more calls for your business at the beginning of this page.

Here's How I Can Help You

#1. I can manage your Facebook ads YouTube ads instead of you. 

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#2. You can learn marketing if you enroll in my online courses and masterminds. 

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That was it. Thank you for reading this page!

Niko 😉